Gccf Kitten Agreement

Find the right breeder. In the search for a healthy man, here are some useful tips to find what it takes: give the new owners written information about feeding and care of their new kitten, as well as a real family tree if the cat is sold by the breeder and is not intended for breeding, it is highly recommended that the cat/cat be also put on the register non-register. 10b. i. If the cat or kitten is registered at the time of the sale, the seller must make available to the buyer the registration card provided by the CCGF office to allow for a transfer of ownership. If this card is lost, damaged or unavailable, a manual transfer form must be provided, completed and signed by the seller. (Modified 18.02.2015, 16.10.19) You can learn more about the evolution and evolution of the breed in the breeding policy of your chosen breed (if the registration policy is mentioned) and the outcrossing policy of the GCCF to learn more. www.gccfcats.org/Breeding-Information/GCCF-Outcrossing-Policy 3. Take a look at the CCGF rules (1-10) on what breeders should do when they register kittens, advertise them for sale and transfer them to new properties Just like humans, some breeds of cats may be affected by heretative conditions.

There are different health systems that aim to detect and monitor certain hereditary conditions. It is important that you are aware of these conditions and that you know the right questions that you can ask by breeders before buying a kitten. There are also some DNA tests that are now available for certain breeds The conditions listed can be adapted to the circumstances of the sale, z.B. you can add a condition that the cat or kitten may not be exposed to cat shows or only be exposed to CCGF licensed exposures. 10a. When a cat or kitten is advertised or sold as a family tree cat or kitten, the seller must submit to the buyer, at the time of sale, a properly filled family tree containing at least 3 generations and containing all breed and registration numbers, including the breeder`s name and address. If the seller is not the breeder, the family tree must also be signed by the seller. If the cat or kitten is not registered, a copy of the mating certificate (rule 3d) must be sent to the new owner by the seller. 1 bis. Only cats/cats needed for breeding must be registered in the active register.

All male cats used in the stud farm must have filed an overall certificate with the CCGF prior to the registration of their first litter of kittens. We operate the GCCF Breeder Scheme www.breederscheme.gccfcats.org A Responsible Breeder will provide general information on the socialization they have already made available to your kitten and advice on continuing work in this area when you return home. Ideally, if you choose your kitten, you will find a litter that has been raised in a house as similar as yours (so with children, if you have children, in a noisy environment, if you have a noisy house, with a dog, if you have a dog, etc.). If your kitten comes from a BREEDER from the CCGF Breeder Scheme, you already know that he has made a good start in life and has left to make a perfect complement to your family. Ask what vaccinations your kitten has had and when the booster is needed Are you ready for a cat? Before you start looking, consider the basics. From the cost of storing your new pet, caring, veterinary expenses, getting a new kitten is a lifetime commitment. If the kitten is registered with the CCGF, make sure you receive the CCGF registration certificate. Don`t forget to transfer your kitten in your name as soon as you buy it; Some breeders may arrange this for you.

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