Vanier College Teachers Collective Agreement

Tier III: conversion, research and development, institutional and professional development. We receive a fixed allowance of 1.01 FTE per year. These can be transferred by appointment for other purposes. French: 2015-2020-convention-collective-fneeq-2015-2020-fr Each year, CRT (the labour relations committee, composed of the administration and representatives of the VCTA) meets to determine the number of teachers for the following academic year. It takes into account the actual registrations for the current year and the registration estimates made by the Dean of the Accreditation Agency. This project must be agreed upon by both parties to the TRC: if there is no agreement, the college pursues its proposed project and the union can file an appeal if it believes that the College is violating the provisions of the collective agreement. After the end of the semester, the crT meets again to consider adaptations of the allocation project for the winter semester. In French: It will finally be indicated that this guide deals with general affairs. For more information, please contact your local union representative. . Section II: Coordination of departments and programmes, coaching activities, participation in program activities, implementation, evaluation and development, participation in institutional development. Funds for stool release are generated in a ratio of 1 to 18 FTEs in Tier 1 and we also receive a fixed allocation of 6.85 FTE per year. .

The teaching materials are assigned to the disciplines/departments for (8-4.01): the guide includes four sections: make sure they retire; Gradual retirement; The development of your old age pension and your insurance. It also contains in the appendix a number of useful documents, such as a checklist of pre-retirement procedures, hyperlinks that refer to the various CARRA forms relating to their old age pension, and a number of letters that will help you apply. Section I: Teaching (course preparation, classrooms, labs, stage, student support, corrections) is based on linear equations for each program based on the number of hours and students per course and by level (if any). Vanier also receives an additional fixed allowance of 4.08 full-time teacher equivalents (FTEs) per year (collective agreement, Appendix 2). The release time of the VCTA Executive is currently being extracted in Part I.

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