Verizon Trade In Agreement

With our Device Trade-in program, you can exchange your old device or donate it. It`s a great way to recycle old unused appliances, eliminate mess in your home and protect the environment. Some devices receive an account balance or a Verizon wireless poison card. This guide contains steps for trading a device and managing your trade-in submission. You`ll find more information in our trade-in-program product questions or in our video trade-in tool. Bring your old device, including a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet, and Verizon will assess the value of your device and provide you with credit to your account (or virtual gift card) for a new device or other product and service available through Verizon. Here are some answers to the most common questions about the device exchange process. In April 2018, I chose to use the Verizon Trade-in program against my best judgment. I have always sold my phones on eBay with great success, always the best dollars for my phones that are always in perfect condition. With Verizon stock, the total amount they would pay for my phone was $245. I was able to get about $300 on eBay, but I decided that the extra $60 wasn`t worth the extra trouble.

If you turn on your device at a Verizon store, you can get an immediate rating and credit while you wait. If you choose to trade online, wait for your gift card (for guest users) for at least two weeks from the date Verizon receives your device or balance (for my Verizon users) in the 1-3 post-evaluation billing cycles. In total, the whole process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. You can exchange with us in a device, even if you are not one of our customers and receive a Verizon Wireless gift card. It`s the same thing happening to me this month. It`s a good phone. You said the screen is cracked/ doesn`t react. None of those who did. The phone worked fine when I did it. Fraud.

I will never forget it. To all those considering the Verizon Trade-in program… Don`t do that. If you want the convenience of a trade-in, use a serious program (like Apple`s upgrade program) or sell the phone yourself in an online marketplace. Almost everything Verizon sells. You don`t need to put your credit on a new phone. You can put it on a tablet — even on a smartwatch. If you wish, you can apply it to your bill or save it for a future purchase. Verizon will pay for shipping to return the trade-in.

Nothing moves as fast as technology: today`s high-tech is old news tomorrow. That`s why many of us arrive with drawers filled with unwanted or obsolete electronic devices. Leave the registration of old devices; cash instead for a virtual gift card. The Verizon Device Trade-In program is a quick and easy way to redeem on this old phone for account balances. No no. Phones and other devices subsidized by a two-year contract may be traded-in. Excellent question, we know that it is important to know the details when a device is returned, and we would like to provide you with the right information. When we receive the device, the device must be free of cracks, chips, bumps or missing pieces or pieces. Because this creates the device at optimal conditions and returns you. We have the details of the program on the following link: Paloma_VZWFollow us on TWITTER @VZWSupportIf my answer answers your question please click the _Correct Answer_ button under my answer.

This will allow others to enjoy our conversation. Thank you in advance for your help!! If you want to print your label back online, pack your device safely with bubble wrap or similar packaging material, place it in a box so that your trade-in reaches safely. If you have received a trade-in recovery kit, place your device in the envelope and place the envelope in the box where your new device was delivered.

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