Burgundy Book Agreement

The terms of service for teachers in schools in England and Wales (`Burgundbuch`) is a national agreement between the six teachers` unions and NEOST. The National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service (“Green Paper” contains a national agreement on the remuneration and terms of service of support staff and other non-teaching staff). Most local authorities have included advice and advice on your workplace rights and employment conditions, including information on maternity and paternity leave, dismissal and workload and key documents, including the teachers` compensation and conditions document. , the book of Burgundy, etc. It sets the national conditions of service for school teachers in England and Wales and is an essential reference for all diverted schools as well as for non-entertainment schools that choose to include this agreement in the employment contracts of their teachers. A manual listing all national conditions of service for teachers in schools in England and Wales and which includes additional conditions such as notice, retirement, sickness benefits, maternity and other leave and insurance provisions. Details of your legal rights as a collaborator in the field of continuing education. In some cases, your contract will offer you better terms and, if so, these terms and conditions will apply. NEW supports and represents its members in academies, as well as teachers in municipal schools. The main provisions of the Burgundy book concern notice, sick leave and remuneration, as well as maternity leave and remuneration.

You can also browse the A-Z of our tips and advice, including all the advice on rights and conditions, or take a look at the five most important questions posed by the members of our advice line. Details of your labour rights in the red book and the minimum rights due to you under general labour law. If you do not work for a local authority or an organization that subscribes to the LGA staff, you must subscribe to the LGA staff subscription to download a copy of the Book of Burgundy. See: LGA subscription service for employees. Can`t find what you`re looking for upstairs? Browse all of our Rights and Conditions content, categorized by Day theme. Because pages may have more than one theme tag, they can also be displayed more than once in the list below.

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