Israel Agreement With Egypt

In August 2012, Israel agreed that Egypt could deploy additional troops, including helicopter gunships, to northern Sinai to fight militants who carried out an attack on Egyptian border guards that killed 16 people. [6] Later this month, Egypt deployed additional heavy weapons without Israel`s agreement in the demilitarized zone, violating the terms of the peace treaty. [7] [8] Egypt stated that the sending of these troops and weapons was in accordance with the agreements reached with Israel in 2011. [8] Israel has reportedly asked the United States to settle this dispute. [8] Shortly thereafter, Egyptian Defence Minister Abdel Fattah el-Sisi reportedly assured his Israeli counterpart Ehud Barak that Egypt had committed to maintaining the Camp David peace agreement with Israel in 1979. [9] On 31 July 2014, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi promised to continue peace with Israel. [26] The peace treaty between Egypt and Israel was signed 16 months after Egyptian President Anwar Sadat visited Israel in 1977, after intense negotiations. The main features of the treaty were mutual recognition, the end of the state of war that existed since the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, the normalization of relations and the withdrawal of Israel from its armed forces and civilians from the Sinai Peninsula conquered by Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War. Egypt has agreed to leave the Sinai Peninsula in a demilitarized manner. The agreement provided for the free passage of Israeli ships through the Suez Canal and the recognition of the Strait of Tiran and the Gulf of Akaba as international waterways. The agreement also called for an end to Israeli military rule in the territories occupied by Israel and for the creation of full autonomy for the Palestinian inhabitants of the territories, terms that have not been implemented but have become the basis of the Oslo Accords. Jordan`s King Hussein saw this as a slap in the face when Sadat voluntarily declared Jordan`s participation in the decision on the functional autonomy of the Palestinians.

In concrete terms, Sadat said Jordan would play a role in the management of the West Bank. Like the resolution of the Rabat summit, the Camp David agreement in Jordan aims to regain control of the West Bank.

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