Travel Agency Contract Agreement

In the event that the company is aware of a violation of any of the provisions of this agreement, it has the right to terminate the travel agency contract in its entirety. However, below are listed some of the most important things that generally cover travel agency agreements. The company provides the Agency with a non-exclusive license to provide the company`s services and accommodations as part of vacation and travel packages. Typically, a travel agency contract indicates that the customer is responsible for the additional fees that can be charged to the travel agency when the customer requests changes to reservations, including changes to name, data or destinations. In addition, the company undertakes to provide the travel agency with sales and marketing materials to promote the accommodations and services listed in this agreement. If the terms of this agreement are violated, the responding party has the option of terminating the contract. As a travel agency, it is important to ensure that the client has a responsibility to ensure that he or she has a passport (and, if necessary, a visa), insurance, travel document (such as airfare) and all health requirements. The travel agency should maintain in good condition all materials and real estate included in this travel agency contract. If you would like our help in developing a travel agency contract, please contact us! We have helped many travel agencies get started and make sure they are protected by law. Travel agency agreements should specify that the Agency must change or withdraw its prices at any time and that pricing is only guaranteed when the customer has fully paid for the booking. The travel agency will offer items listed in this agreement to businesses and consumers as part of travel packages. The travel agency undertakes to obtain and maintain appropriate insurance with [Company.Name] as “other insureds” for the duration of this contract. At the end of this agreement, the parties may agree to extend the period by one year from the completion date.

The travel agency will offer the above services and accommodations to business and consumer customers as part of travel packages, in accordance with the terms of this travel agency contract. In return, the company agrees to pay the travel agency`s commissions on the basis of actual sales. The company offers travel-related services and accommodations, including: All shareholders of this agreement must be assigned and maintained by the company. Travel agencies offer a brokerage service between the traveller (customer) and tourism service providers (such as airlines, bus companies, railways and cruise lines, accommodation companies such as hotels and tour operators). In the proceeding, one of the parties opposes the renewal of this agreement that concludes the agreement at the time of decline. If you run a travel agency company, there are industry-specific risks, so it`s important to enter into a strong contract with your customers. The parties agree not to transfer or sell this agreement without the prior written consent of the party requesting such measures. Prices for travel-related bookings, such as flights. B, often vary depending on availability, currency fluctuations, fluctuations in fuel prices, and increases in taxes and airfares.

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